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MTB Ride 1st Sundays


Monthly XC Mountain Bike Rides

1st Sundays of the Month

Shop shuttle and carpooling available!
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Disclaimer: Mountain Biking=Crashing. City Bicycle Works is not responsible for any equipment damage/maintenence, bodily harm or death due to your participation in Sunday Sesh. Sunday Sesh is a casual group ride and is not a skills clinic nor a for profit event. All participants are expected to abide by the following rules:

1. Know your own skill level and limits to determine which Sunday Sesh is appropriate for you.
2. Be responsible for your own actions including crashing!
3. Take responsibility for any damage/wear and tear your equipment may incur during Sunday Sesh.
4. Abide by all local traffic and trail laws.
5. Bring your own bike, helmet, bike shoes, spare tube and flat repair supplies, food and water.
6. Make sure your bike is safe and in working order prior to Sunday Sesh participation.