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Into MTB Rides

Introduction to mountain biking!

New to mountain biking and don't know where to ride?

Looking to get outside and enjoy some great trails in your area?

Want to learn more about what it takes to have a fun day riding your mountain bike on some of the best trails around?

 Come join the intro to mountain biking class!!! Come share the passion of mountain biking with some of the City Bicycle Works staff!! 

We will begin the class by going over proper bike set up and fit. We will discuss riding technique, body positioning, shifting, breaking, climbing, descending, how to ride over minor obstacles and more:

  • Bike Check: Seat height, tire pressure, brakes, shifters & equipment.
  • Gear Pack Check: Water, food, flat fix equipment.
  • Shifting: Gear selection on flat, climbs & decsents.
  • Choosing trail lines: Sighting, set-up, speed control & execution.
  • Cornering: Berms, flat and off camber.
  • Obstacles: Rock gardens, loose and steep terrain.
  • *Advanced: Jumps, drops, bunny hops, bike pumping

We will also discuss rules of the trail and right of way. This will be a ride where no one is left behind!

Meet up spot: behind the shop

Date and time: Nov19th, 9:00am

Trail: Hidden Falls

Ride Time: apox 2 hours

Check out the link for more trail info:

This group is limited to 10 people. Please RSVP for your spot.

RSVP to: (916)447-2453

About the Coaches:

Eric Navarro
City Bicycle Works General Manager
Enduance Mountain Biker

Damian Gonzalez
2007-2013 Professional XTERRA Triathlete
2012 USAT Pro National Team Member
 2014-present Professional Mountain Bike Competitor

Disclaimer: Mountain Biking=Crashing. That's reality so attend at your own accord. City Bicycle Works is not responsible for any equipment damage/maintenence, bodily harm or death due to your participation in this skills clinic.  

1. Be aware that mountain biking is a dangerous sport even for pro's.
2. Be responsible for your own actions including crashing!
3. Take responsibility for any damage/wear and tear your equipment may incur during Sunday Sesh.
4. Abide by all local traffic and trail laws.
5. Bring your own bike, helmet, bike shoes, spare tube and flat repair supplies, food and water.
6. Make sure your bike is safe and in working order prior to Sunday Sesh participation.