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Get a bike fit at City Bicycle Works

Why is bike fitting so important? Being in the proper position for cycling is where it all starts. A bike fit helps to maximize efficiency, power, aerodynamics, and comfort, and to minimize the potential for injury, and discomfort. Everyone's position is different, so a proper bike fit is critical and focuses on the individual. Fitting is beneficial to every type of rider. From cruising along the American River Trail to racing in the Tour of California, proper position on your bike will only make you more comfortable and more efficient.

At City Bicycle Works we provide several types of bicycle fitting for your new bike, or come in with your current ride and we'll do a bike fit to adjust your position.

New Bike Fit: FREE

With the purchase of your new bike from City Bicycle Works, we'll fit the bike to you to obtain a comfortable and efficient position.  A new bike fit entails: adjusting the saddle, seatpost, and handlebar. This is provided before you leave the shop with your new bike. Allow approximately 10 minutes for this fitting. Then we can schedule you for you FREE professional bike fit, which is a FREE service to any customer who buys a bike from us.

Professional Bike Fit: $90 for the first 90 min. and  $30 for each additional 30 minutes

A full bike fit is quite the process. One of our professional fitters will thoroughly address your fit on the bike: adjusting the saddle, seapost, handlebars, and hoods in order to create an optimal riding position that is comfortable, efficient, and most importantly aimed at preventing injury. We will also adjust your cleats in order to maintain proper shoe position in relation to the pedals.  Recommendations on possible change in handlebar width, stem length, saddle, and seatpost are commonly involved.  Bring your bike, cycling clothing, and don't forget your shoes! Allow approximately 1 hour for this fitting.  Appointments are required, please call us at 916-447-2453 to get scheduled today!